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Personal Medical Records with Bracelet for you and your family. myMedirecs - My Medical Records
Medical Records
When you think about it, Medical Records,
the important information in your life about you, and your loved ones, your medical history, is stored on a computer, someone else's computer, in a Medical Clinic.
It's time you took control and had a copy of your medical records and that of your family so you can access it at any time you need to.
Wear it, slip it into your Wallet, keep it with you.
Medical Alert Bracelet
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Key Features of myMedirecs  

Extensive Medical Records Information
Records various Medical Tests and Bloods
Family Records with Admin control
Multi Account Logon so information remains Private
Scan and Store Xrays and documents
Medicine and Illness Dictionary
Reports and Graphs
Export to Emergency USB Wrist Bracelet with built-in software
Easily provide information to your Medical Practitioner
..and much more...
myMedirecs QR Medical Alert Bracelet gives you the independence to manage your heath and health records. With myMedirecs Health Manager, you’ll have a powerful personal health record software solution for your complete health history: medical tests, diagnoses, conditions, x-rays, medications, allergies, and much more.
It’s a comprehensive solution that allows you to store and manage your medical and health history in one easy and secure place – your home computer. Easily export to our portable USB Medical Bracelet (or use yours) so you can carry your health status with you whereever you go. No longer will your personal health records be incomplete, unavailable, or out of reach, especially in an emergency, and in someone else’s hands. With the myMedirecs Flash Drive and myMedirecs QR Bracelet and the myMedirecs PHR Viewer for mobile phones and devices, myMedirecs can give you and your doctors access to your total health picture – wherever, whenever – which not only means better care for you and your family, but can also make the difference between the right medical decision and the wrong one. When you want something done right, sometimes you just have to do it yourself.
By keeping your Family Health Records on hand, you are in control of your Health while assisting Doctors to access your up to date records.
By enabling Patients to integrate with your medical clinic, you can provide the best in care through instant record access.
myMedirecs is committed to securing your information.
We use DoD AES256 to encrypt your information and secure logon using Biometrics.
private medical records
myMedirecs Online medical records enables you to manage comprehensively all of your medical history securely online using the latest in Biometric security.
online medical records
Coming Soon     myMedirecs Personal Medical Records incorporates medical information on Illnesses and Medications to help you create a comprehensive and informative medical history records.  
Carry your Medical History Safely and Conveniently for instant access in any situation on any PC.
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